11 Clever Travel Hacks for 2016

11 Clever Travel Hacks for 2016

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Are you always traveling? These clever helpful travel hacks will make you’re life smoother and easier. Check them out now and you can add more in the comments section below.

1. When you travel, you can drop by at any super market and buy a lemon. Make sure to pack a knife with you so that everyday you can slice a fresh lemon and apply it both on your armpits. You will feel and smell fresh all day.

lemon2. Bring a reusable thermal cup, fill it in with your tea bags (inside a ziplock). You can ask for hot water when you arrive at the airport and airplane, just ask for hot water (it’s free) and you can save money.

reusable thermal cup

3. Use a trust and seal to organize your accessories especially your necklaces so it won’t be tangled.

accessory organizer

4. A medicine box is another clever travel hack where you can place your earrings, rings and other accessories.

accessory organizer

5. A reusable shopping handbag will protect your bag from any scratches while you are in the airplane and other places.

handbag protection

6. An extension cord is also a must-have and you can just put inside a tissue holder. An extension cord will help you use your electronic devices even while you’re in bed.

cord protector

7. Seal your bottles before you close their caps to prevent them from spilling over.

bottle seal

8. A clever hack that can help you save space and protect any small fragile items you might bring during your trip. Use your socks!


9. You can protect your favorite perfume by packing it inside your socks and at the same time organizing them by wrapping them all together to save space.

organize socks

10. Avoid having broken and ruined make-up by investing some money on cotton pads and put them on top or inside your compact then close the lid.

make-up handling

11. Are you using your earbuds a lot but it get mixed up with the things inside your bag that you can’t find it easily? Use a business card! Just take the long part and wire of your earbuds then wrap it around your business card.



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