3 Timeless Tips For Travelling With Jewelery

3 Timeless Tips For Travelling With Jewelery

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3 Timeless Tips For Travelling With Jewelry
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Take a Look at Three of The Most Basic “must do’s” For Travelling with Jewelry or Beauty Accessories

I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve gotten frustrated and threw a fit at the sight of tangled, messy jewelry. Then we spend hours trying to untangle them which leads to further headache. So what about after that long tiring flight when we need to do a little touch up to hit the road? What do we do then? It’s time to break out the ‘go to’ handy tricks for the crash course “Beauty in Flight 101”

1. Roll Them Up Into a Necklace Burrito

jewelery 2 3 Timeless Tips For Travelling With Jewelery The necklace burrito is an amazing way to control your accessories and keep the from getting into a knot. It’s a simple and easy method that anyone can do.  You can use any cloth like material for the support medium. Just simply place each piece of jewelry apart (about an inch) away from each other and roll across as if your folding from one end to the other. Just slightly bend the roll afterwards into a circle and clip the ends together and there you have it. A perfectly made necklace burrito sure to keep accessories from tangling and scratching the design off each other.

2. Use  a Straw To Keep Them Untangled

 3 Timeless Tips For Travelling With Jewelry

For smaller fashion jewelry you can simply use a straw or any hollow tube to keep the necklace in check and apart from each other. Always note that the size of the straw should match the thickness of the jewelry band; that way we can prevent ‘link type’ chains from sticking on the end of the straw and breaking the links.

3.  Use a Weekly Vitamin Box To Store Your Earrings

3 Timeless Tips For Travelling With Jewelry The vitamin box or any other small box alternatives with segmented compartments are a really cost effective, smart and resourceful way of storing earrings. This saves you the hassle of buying multiple expensive jewelry boxes which may vary based on the size of the earrings. This is also an amazing method of keeping those really small earrings in check by keep them on the cotton pads. Color coding based on size and styles helps to keep your accessories organized and ready to wear.



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