7 Things to Bring On Your Next Camping Holiday

7 Things to Bring On Your Next Camping Holiday

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A lot of families still enjoy having an outdoor adventure once in a while especially camping. Do you or your family have plans to go on camping this coming holiday? Aside from clothes, foods, and other consumables, there are extra vital items that you should bring not only for a real nomadic experience but also to ensure your safety. Here are 7 items that should always be present on your camping list. And to protect your camping items, try to find a durable and waterproof backpack.

  1. First aid kit. Perhaps, the reason for preparing and bringing a first aid kit is already obvious: to provide relief for common injuries. You don’t have to include several supplies and medications. Just anticipate the risks you might encounter like cuts, bumps, burns, bruises, etc. Of course, don’t forget to include your maintenance medications if you are taking any.
  2. A pocket or a larger knife. If you are going to camp in the woods, a knife is indispensable. You need it in clearing your camping grounds, preparing your tent, preparing your meal, searching for food in case you run out of supply, and most importantly, to ensure your security when you are camping in the wild.
  3. Maps, compass, or GPS. The next important item that should be present inside your waterproof backpack is the map. When you are spending your holiday on popular and private camping areas, localized maps are usually sold by the club or owners of the camping grounds. When you’re on your own, detailed maps plus a compass is the best combination. And for easier directions, your favorite GPS device should come in handy.
  4. Flashlight, lamp, or lantern. Although you can create a bonfire next to your tent, nothing beats the flexibility of a flashlight or lamp. Just remember that there’s no electricity around so it’s better to choose lights that are powered by DC batteries instead of rechargeable lithium. Additionally, LED lights are much more efficient.
  5. Matches, lighter, or flint. Fire is an essential in camping for cooking, heating, and lighting. Unless you have fire-making skills using only wood or stone, you will certainly need a match or lighter. For a more authentic camping experience, you might want to bring a flint. Magnifying and even reading glasses can be used to create fire, but these two are only effective when the sun if up.
  6. Rope or a rope hammock. Rope is a basic yet important part of outdoor camping. It has several uses from providing tougher support and knots to your tent, for gathering and bundling wood, food, and other items you need to collect, for towing or securing your companions who are in a tight situation, an improvised support for hiking, etc. Rope hammock can be a substitute because you can always convert it into a single stretch when needed.
  7. Your gadgets. Gadgets are not really needed especially if you want a true outdoor adventure. But when you are camping with the family or with children, gadgets becomes a necessity in your waterproof backpack. They can be used to entertain or perhaps, calm children who having tantrums.



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