Advantages of Bodi Microfiber Travel Towel

Advantages of Bodi Microfiber Travel Towel

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Microfiber Travel Towel
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A microfiber travel towel is like a regular bath towel, but much better.   A typical bath towel is made of cotton and is used for getting you all dried after a bath or shower, or even a swim.  Microfiber towels are made of super fine fibers that are split at the ends, which make them completely different from the regular bath towels.  There are numbers of reasons why microfiber towels are much better than regular towels.  This specific Microfiber Towel by Bodi, made available on, is one of the best quality microfiber towels on the market.  There are few features that make it much better than regular towels which you can see here.

  1. Luxurious

Bodi’s Microfiber Towel is soft and silky.  It feels smooth on your body and is comfortable to use.  If you have delicate skin, you probably had problems with your regular the premium synthetic fibers used to make the towels are also completely antibacterial.  So, for persons with sensitive skin, this smooth microfiber towel is much more beneficial for preventing rash or infection.

On a really cold day, or while out camping outdoors, the towel can provide the comfortable warmth you desire.  Because of its tiny fibers, it can act as an insulator that allows you to block out cold hair to keep warm

  1. Super absorbance

The extremely fine fibers of the Bodi microfiber travel towel, split at the ends, make the towel super absorbent!  The microfibers absorb liquid and swell up to 7 or 9 times its weight.  It also does not drip the water from the towel.  In its own way, it is water repellent.  You can use this towel on a surface, such as a car seat to prevent water from seeping into the upholstery.  Its ability is pretty close to that of a sponge.

  1. Quick Dry

If you somehow get your towel soaked up to 9 times its weight you can simply wring it dry you’re your hands.  If you have small hands, you can do small sections at to time to get your towel up to 90% dry when you’re done.

After your shower or little swim, the Bodi towel provides a quick and thorough dry.  You can dry your entire body and hair with the same towel.  With a regular bath towel you might be spending all of three minutes drying yourself, but with Bodi’s microfiber towel this can be done within seconds.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about your hair frizzing because the fibers are so tiny that they act more like a brush rather than mess with your hair.

  1. Large yet compact

The Bodi Microfiber Towel expands to the size of a regular bath towel, 130cm x 80cm.  You might be thinking about the size of a regular towel and assuming that Bodi’s microfiber towel is big, bulky and heavy.  But, unlike regular bath towels, the microfibers in the towel make them flat and compact.

  1. Lightweight

Even though this microfiber towel is as large as a regular bath towel, it is not as half as heavy as a regular towel.  When it is soaked all the way through, it is much lighter than a regular towel that has been soaked as well.  So, even if you are feeble, you can handle this microfiber bath towel.

This towel can be folded flat to 22cm x 17cm, allowing for easy carriage.  Bodi also includes a bonus carriage bag with every towel to facilitate easy carriage. The handy bag is carefuly designed to allow air to pass through. It is also made available in three colors – pink, blue, gray, so you can get the color that is most suited for your personality.  All these features make Bodi’s Microfiber travel Towel suitable for children and adults alike.  They are easy to handle and easy to use.  And, they are very efficient.

Any good investment must prove to be beneficial to you in terms of time and money, and, this towel is nothing short of that.  The reasonably priced microfiber towel of premium material and strength is a great deal that completes the amazing features being made available to you.  The next time you go to pick up some towels, hop over to Amazon and try out this amazing product.

Bodi Towel is offering all new customers $5 off their purchase of microfiber travel towel with coupon code BODITOWL by visiting the link below.



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