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In the spirit of the saying ‘the best things in life are free’ we have put together a list to inspire you to get out there and experience Sydney, no matter what your budget.
5. Bondi Beach
4. Museum of Contemporary Art
3. Botanical Garden
2. Shelly Beach Manly
1. Harbour Bridge

Traveling on a Budget

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Check out the trailer of an inspiring travel series on how to travel on a budget.

Traveling on a Budget

Travelling can be a very costly endeavor for the most part for anyone. People who travel does so with preparations, even money savings. However, this is only true depending on the location of your travels.

But believe it or not, even in today’s rising costs of living, there are still some businesses which prefer affordability over gains in terms of business. One such business can be found Vero Beach, Florida.

Budget-friendly By the Sea Hotel

One of the best lodging options in the Vero Beach area, Sea Turtle Inn is conveniently located close to the area’s major attractions namely: Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Sebastian Inlet State Park, McKee Botanical Garden, Riverside Theatre, Vero Beach Museum of Art, Kayak the Scenic Waterways of Florida, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, McLarty Treasure Museum, Mel Fisher Treasure Museum, Laura Riding Jackson Home, and Manatee Observation and Education Center.

Traveling on a Budget

Located just a block away from the bustling area on Ocean Drive, Sea Turtle Inn is perfectly situated at the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Never seen dolphins in person? Go to the sea and enjoy watching the dolphins as they play in seawaters. Sea Turtle Inn’s white sands on the beach are its unspoiled beauty and is an experience to bask in.

Built as a Floribbean style hotel, Sea Turtle Inn offers oceanfront swimming pool and beach activities in a friendly and relaxed environment. Adjacent to Sea Turtle Inn is a fitness facility for the health and fitness conscious. 

Sea Turtle Inn is great for couples or family vacations. If you are a business traveler, Sea Turtle Inn offers comfortable accommodation on a fantastic location that is near the beach and a central location in the area. 

Other Things to Do

Traveling on a Budget

Other things to do at Sea Turtle Inn’s location are:

  • Boating and River/Ocean Fishing
  • Local Shops
  • Marinas
  • Orchid Island Rentals

What to Expect

Traveling on a Budget

At a price affordable to its customers, enjoy staying in sea Turtle Inn’s furnished apartments and great amenities like:

  • 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments
  • 1 King or 2 Full Size Beds
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Cable TV
  • Lounge
  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee Maker
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Pool
  • Laundry facilities

Rental Rates

As one of the most economical resort hotel in Vero Beach, Sea Turtle Inn offer great furnished apartments at a great price. Sea Turtle Inn offers following rental rates:

Efficiency Resort Hotel Accommodations

Economy Season
April 30-Dec. 14
Value Season
Dec. 15 Dec. 30
April 1 – April 30
Jan. Feb. March
Daily $99 &  up $145 $145
Weekly upon request $1,015 $1,015
Monthly upon request $3,900 $3,900

Traveling on a Budget

Poolside Resort Hotel Apartments

Economy Season
April 30-Dec. 14
Value Season
Dec. 15 Dec. 30
April 1 – April 30
Jan. Feb. March
Daily $145 – $175 $175 – $235 N/A
Weekly upon request $1,225 – $1,645 upon request
Monthly upon request upon request upon request

Traveling on a Budget

Notes to Customers

  • MasterCard and Visa Accepted
  • Rates are for 1 or 2 persons – extra person $10 per day
  • All rates subject to Florida state and local taxes
  • Rates subject to changes without notice
  • Deposit required 35% of the total charges or 1 night’s lodging whichever is greater
  • 30 day refund notice required during Peak and Value season – 15 days at other times
  • Rates may be higher during holidays
  • Full payment due at check-in
  • Check-out 11:00 a.m. – Check-in 2:00 p.m.
  • Daily maid service in efficiencies except Sundays and holidays

Enjoy a warm welcome ad friendly service at the convenient hotel in Vero Beach that is the Sea Turtle Inn. Wake up refreshed after a night of restful sleep on a clean and comfortable, fresh bed at the Sea Turtle Inn.

Sonia Gil shares her travel tips on how to get cheap airline tickets.

Kayak will send you an email whenever a fare that is available based on a price that you set and a destination you decide.


Get an account in Kayak.com, its free.


Go to emails and alert tab and click on add flight alert.

You have the option of putting in exact date or going flexible.

Now, whenever that fare is available, kayak will let you know.
Search for fares from cities to cities and create alerts and start dreaming

Are you always traveling? These clever helpful travel hacks will make you’re life smoother and easier. Check them out now and you can add more in the comments section below.

1. When you travel, you can drop by at any super market and buy a lemon. Make sure to pack a knife with you so that everyday you can slice a fresh lemon and apply it both on your armpits. You will feel and smell fresh all day.

lemon2. Bring a reusable thermal cup, fill it in with your tea bags (inside a ziplock). You can ask for hot water when you arrive at the airport and airplane, just ask for hot water (it’s free) and you can save money.

reusable thermal cup

3. Use a trust and seal to organize your accessories especially your necklaces so it won’t be tangled.

accessory organizer

4. A medicine box is another clever travel hack where you can place your earrings, rings and other accessories.

accessory organizer

5. A reusable shopping handbag will protect your bag from any scratches while you are in the airplane and other places.

handbag protection

6. An extension cord is also a must-have and you can just put inside a tissue holder. An extension cord will help you use your electronic devices even while you’re in bed.

cord protector

7. Seal your bottles before you close their caps to prevent them from spilling over.

bottle seal

8. A clever hack that can help you save space and protect any small fragile items you might bring during your trip. Use your socks!


9. You can protect your favorite perfume by packing it inside your socks and at the same time organizing them by wrapping them all together to save space.

organize socks

10. Avoid having broken and ruined make-up by investing some money on cotton pads and put them on top or inside your compact then close the lid.

make-up handling

11. Are you using your earbuds a lot but it get mixed up with the things inside your bag that you can’t find it easily? Use a business card! Just take the long part and wire of your earbuds then wrap it around your business card.



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Travel Tips

Courtesy of: soniastravels

Learn Sonia’s helpful tips on how to survive staying at a hostel.

Bonjour friends welcome to Sonia’s travels where we talk all things travel.

Today, were going to talk about tips for hostels because let’s face it, you’re gonna need them. You are sharing a room with people you don’t know, possibly in a country you’ve never been in and sharing a bathroom.

You need some tips to smooth this out.

#1 – Keep your Items Safe

You don’t know who the people are that are around you. So, sometimes, they have a locker that you can use. They might charge you for it, you might need to bring your own lock or they might charge for a lock. In conclusion, bring a hefty lock with you.

Now, what if your suitcase doesn’t fit in the locker. You know, just putting a little lock in your suitcase doesn’t cut it sometimes. So, there are all sorts of products out there that are actually theft proof.

Let me tell you about a brand that I like: it’s called pacsafe.

Travel Tips

These guys have thought about all things theft. Let me show you, this appears to be a regular backpack but oh no no my friends, in between the fabrics there is actually a metal mesh similar to this:

Travel Tips

So that if somebody thinks they’re super smart and they’re gonna cut through your backpack, well guess what they’re not gonna be able to.

They have really thought about their zippers, see this:

Travel Tips

You can put your own lock and when your walking around during the day you attached it to this and no body can just open up your backpack while you’re not watching.

Let’s continue on why dont we. I love this feature of it. It’s so smart:

Travel Tips

And inside they have a pocket that has special blocking material so that no high tech theives can just steal your identity. You’ve heard of those stories that somebody just kinda scan somebody’s passport or the chip on their credit card. Well, it aint gonna happen to you.

#2 – Bring a Towel

Beleive me and you’re gonna thank me for this one. Sometimes they provide towels but many times they don’t actually, you can rent one but eww. So, bring your own.

Travel Tips

Now, a towel. It takes so much space. No, it doesn’t not if you bring the right one.

See, look at this thing. This thing is super super absorbent. It’s also not that small. So, you can actually cover a good portion of your body. See. And it does wonders.

Something else to consider…

#3 – Bring Flipflops

Travel Tips

Because your going to be sharing that bathroom with the pleture of human beings. I don’t need to say anything else. Let me tell you a little story. I once stayed in a hostel in Amsterdam. I did not bring my flipflops, I had to shower everyday with plastic bags and it wasn’t pretty.

#4 – Sheets

Actually, they will provide sheets but since you don’t always know how many times they’ve been washed, how soft they’re gonna be, what the heck is stalkin to a sheet.

Travel Tips
This can provide loads of comfort and peace of mind. Just roll it out, sleep right in.

Don’t forget the combination lock we talked about and regardless just dont bring anything that you’re gonna be absolutely devastated to lose.

And finally, do not overpack. Don’t be that person that has the huge bag taking up all the floor space..who wants to be that person?

Alright, that’s all I have for you today. Thank you so much for watching.

1 Epic Reason For The Beauty Of Travelling

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Watch This Amazing 3 Year Epic Selfie Around the World That Explores The Beauty Of Travel

Get Inspired And Create Your Own Amazing Experience


Have you ever daydreamed in your workplace about setting your foot on powdery white sand, as the waves of the turquoise sea fill the cacophony of your solitude? Or have you thought of spending your afternoon reading your favourite novel on a hammock hanged on two coconuts as the tropical sun shines brightly above you? If you find your life boring and your work dull, then the cure to such problem is travelling.
1 Epic Reason For The Beauty Of Travelling
The world is a vast place and it is not meant to be lived in one place as well. As what the popular saying goes about travelling, the world is for you to, “travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can because life is not meant to be lived in one place.” And you will surely experience the magic that travelling has if you have lived up with the maxim.

1 Epic Reason For The Beauty Of Travelling

Go where the wind takes you. If you are already bored with your 8-hour, 5 day workweek, then it is now high time for you to set a date to unravel the wanderlust in yourself. Go on a vacation; go to where your heart wants you to go. You should start marking your calendar with your vacation dates, ask for days leave in your work, and book that plane ticket pronto. You will surely find that sense of excitement every time you wake up and you will definitely get the energy razing throughout your body as you anticipate for your vacation to start

1 Epic Reason For The Beauty Of Travelling

There will be that unexplainable feeling of energy burst, akin to adrenaline rush that will fill your mind, body and soul as you anticipate for your vacation. Once you get the hang of it, you will surely revel on the feeling; and you will realize that you have a good reason to wake up to every morning. This is the magic that travel and vacation has, and it is this magic that will fuel your day. You will be pumped to do your task and you can do your task with ease.

1 Epic Reason For The Beauty Of Travelling

The wanderlust in you must not be jailed in the innermost prison of your soul rather, it should be unleashed and set free. For the wanderlust instinct that you have is a product of thousands of years of human evolution, it is already a human instinct to travel as evidenced by the many great migration in the history of mankind. Feel free to have your instinct rule over you once in a while, and savour the adventure that lays ahead as you embark on your journey of experiencing the many uncertainties in the course of your vacation. It is these uncertainties that will surely make you appreciate how beautiful the world is.

1 Epic Reason For The Beauty Of Travelling

You must always remember that travelling is not done to escape the monotony of one’s life, travelling is done simply because you don’t want life to escape you. There is life in travelling and every person who embarks on such journey finds life on where their feet take them. It is in this journey that additional meaning to one’s life is added; with this addition one finds peace and fulfilment.

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Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of “Following My Thumb”, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and of several other books. Visit http://gabrieltraveler.com for lots more info about his travel writing, photography, videos, budget travel tips and much more.