How Not to Gain Weight when Traveling

How Not to Gain Weight when Traveling

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Courtesy of: soniastravels

Check out these tips on how to keep in shape while traveling.

Hello fellow travelers, how are you doing today? Good? Good!

Today, I’ll answer a question that many of you have asked over and over.

Do not let it accumulate. The minute, you feel your clothes a little bit tight or your a little bit bloated. You do something about it. Bring it down a notch for a day or two. Go burn that size out of it. As long as you dont let it climb, you can keep it under control. It’s really about picking when and where you want to overstep and then compensating right after. For me, that means:

#1 – Pack Sneakers

Travel Tips

Pack your running shoes

#2 – Stay Active

Travel Tips

Do something active everyday
So, that’s either do some active sightseeting, you wake up in the morning, you go out, you absorb the sea but you break a sweat. Enough that you have to come back and take a shower or if I dont have time to do that then its a quick 7-minute hard core workout.

#3 – Control Food

Travel Tips

Just don’t go crazy on food, why, why is it that if we travel we have to eat 5 crepes of nutella a day. No need. Just have three meals a day, like you normally would and maybe one small snack. The trick is not to have three super rich meal in one day. Have one and the rest, try to stay light. Light and delicious.

And that is it my friends, I know, I know. This is not what you are hoping for, you wanted a magic pill. You want a little dance that could just make it happen but I dont have that for you. Not yet, not yet.



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