How to Survive Staying at a Hostel

How to Survive Staying at a Hostel

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Courtesy of: soniastravels

Learn Sonia’s helpful tips on how to survive staying at a hostel.

Bonjour friends welcome to Sonia’s travels where we talk all things travel.

Today, were going to talk about tips for hostels because let’s face it, you’re gonna need them. You are sharing a room with people you don’t know, possibly in a country you’ve never been in and sharing a bathroom.

You need some tips to smooth this out.

#1 – Keep your Items Safe

You don’t know who the people are that are around you. So, sometimes, they have a locker that you can use. They might charge you for it, you might need to bring your own lock or they might charge for a lock. In conclusion, bring a hefty lock with you.

Now, what if your suitcase doesn’t fit in the locker. You know, just putting a little lock in your suitcase doesn’t cut it sometimes. So, there are all sorts of products out there that are actually theft proof.

Let me tell you about a brand that I like: it’s called pacsafe.

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These guys have thought about all things theft. Let me show you, this appears to be a regular backpack but oh no no my friends, in between the fabrics there is actually a metal mesh similar to this:

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So that if somebody thinks they’re super smart and they’re gonna cut through your backpack, well guess what they’re not gonna be able to.

They have really thought about their zippers, see this:

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You can put your own lock and when your walking around during the day you attached it to this and no body can just open up your backpack while you’re not watching.

Let’s continue on why dont we. I love this feature of it. It’s so smart:

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And inside they have a pocket that has special blocking material so that no high tech theives can just steal your identity. You’ve heard of those stories that somebody just kinda scan somebody’s passport or the chip on their credit card. Well, it aint gonna happen to you.

#2 – Bring a Towel

Beleive me and you’re gonna thank me for this one. Sometimes they provide towels but many times they don’t actually, you can rent one but eww. So, bring your own.

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Now, a towel. It takes so much space. No, it doesn’t not if you bring the right one.

See, look at this thing. This thing is super super absorbent. It’s also not that small. So, you can actually cover a good portion of your body. See. And it does wonders.

Something else to consider…

#3 – Bring Flipflops

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Because your going to be sharing that bathroom with the pleture of human beings. I don’t need to say anything else. Let me tell you a little story. I once stayed in a hostel in Amsterdam. I did not bring my flipflops, I had to shower everyday with plastic bags and it wasn’t pretty.

#4 – Sheets

Actually, they will provide sheets but since you don’t always know how many times they’ve been washed, how soft they’re gonna be, what the heck is stalkin to a sheet.

Travel Tips
This can provide loads of comfort and peace of mind. Just roll it out, sleep right in.

Don’t forget the combination lock we talked about and regardless just dont bring anything that you’re gonna be absolutely devastated to lose.

And finally, do not overpack. Don’t be that person that has the huge bag taking up all the floor space..who wants to be that person?

Alright, that’s all I have for you today. Thank you so much for watching.



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