Packing Like a Pro

Packing Like a Pro

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Always having a hard time to pack your things and close  your suitcase everytime you travel? In this post we’ll be showing you some tips and tricks to be total pro in packing. Without further ado, let’s start.


First step: Lay all the clothes and accessories, you wish to bring. Then be brave and eliminate about third of it.


After everything’s set, the first thing that you should put in your suitcase is your shoes. BUT WAIT! to save more space, roll your underwear or other small garments that you can roll and fit your shoes. Then next fill up the remaining spaces.


Third, your suits, pants, dresses and skirts should be laid down on top of each other, leaving the ends of it on the outer part of the suitcase. Then fold it one by one. It will look like a sandwich.


Put a dry cleaner pouch/bag, this will help your clothes underneath to move, without crunching so much. Then above it, put your bulky things such as toiletries, cameras, books and sunglasses and put it on the center, for a more secure and safe position.


BONUS TIP: Put your toiletries on a double packaging, to avoid it from spilling on your books, cameras and clothes.


Lastly, instead of rolling your belts, slip them along the side of your cases. Then place your polo shirts above your cameras and toiletries.


Now, you’re set to go. No more stressful packing! Have a safe trip and enjoy travelling!

Here’s the link for the full video.


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